IT Solutions

If you need professional IT advice, we can help you to get the best from your IT investment, ensure that it stays resilient, and securely harness business benefits.

Our key areas of expertise include;
• scoping and implementing networked IT infrastructures
• deploying virtualised server environments
• connecting users, via a wireless, local, or wide area network

In addition, we are able to advise on the effective and efficient running
of your core business processes, such as;
• disaster planning
• network & data security
• user training (Outlook & Exchange)
• software licensing

We also offer a free, on-site audit to help you review assets, infrastructure, systems, practices
and business strategy, prior to starting any IT project. We will always recommend solutions that
will accommodate current and future needs, helping you to save both time and money.

For more details on any of the above, please contact us.

We also offer IT support.
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We understand that your IT is crucial to
your business. That's why we don't just
make promises, we keep them.

We promise that:
  • We will not let you down
  • We will send out an engineer that you will know
  • We will keep you informed of how & when things will be resolved
  • We will always respond within our Service Level Agreements
  • We will tailor our services to suit your needs
  • Our relationship will be mutually beneficial

Jerry Parker
Managing Director, SCS

“Exceed Service Levels”

“LACE Housing Association agreed a service contract with
SCS Technology Solutions three years ago and have been very
pleased with the service provided as they have always met, and
often exceeded the agreed service levels.”

Kevin White, Finance Manager.
LACE Housing Ltd.

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